F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S

About e-books / Hard Copy

What is an e-Book?

An e-Book is computer software that you download and read on your computer. It's like a regular book, but much better.

Why would I want to read e-Books?

They're fast -- Can be Downloaded instantly.
They're portable -- Carry a whole library on your laptop or portable e-Book device.
They're easy -- Search the text to find exactly what you are looking for.
They're fun -- Be among the first to join the reading revolution!

How do I get these e-Books?

Once you make payment by credit card on the secure servers of money bookers or PayPal or Various other modes provided, we will email you the download link and password.

Won't it strain my eyes to read on the screen?

Microsoft Reader software features Clear Type™ display technology, which makes text appear crisp and clear on LCD screens. The Acrobat e-Book Reader also allows you to "sharpen" the text. It won't strain your eyes.

Will this e-Book software hurt my computer?

Absolutely Not!! It's a single file and it will not hurt your computer. Thousands of people have downloaded the files and no one has ever had a problem.

Do I need special software to read e-Books?

You will require software like Acrobat e-Book Reader, Microsoft Reader etc. which allows you to read e-Books easily and comfortably. Adjusting the font, turning the pages, and making annotations are easy with an e-Book reader.

What is an Hard Copy?

Hard Copy means printed book that we can send by post on demand of your order after completion of  payment is done.

How can I get this e-Book / Hard Copy ?

Select the book you want send email to ponnurigopiikrishna.in@gmail.com / submit fill your request formYou can send a Demand Draft on Ponnuri Gopiikrishna Payable at Vijayawada 520008, India, After making any payment please send an email through Contact Form stating the transaction code. Amount, senders name and address along with the quantity ordered.

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