Good Hand Writing, Counseling, Drwaing & Paintings, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga & Spoken English, Personality Development,
Introducing for the first time in India
Good Handwriting for all
Any one can learn good Handwriting in just five days, any one can change their bad handwriting to good in a very short period even though not yet imrproved by practicing many books for years.
We are doing this programs as our social service & with social responsibility.
Personality Development & Counseling Classes For great Success in your life For 14 yrs - 25 yrs Of Age Students.
1. Regular Counseling for students, 2. How to change your negative attitude & behavior, negative mind which leads to failure in all aspects of life, 3. How to concentrate on studies, 4. How to fix your aim and goal. Giving solutions from ancient methods to increase will power, to reach your aim and goal, 5. How to keep your mind free, relaxed and sharp, 6. How to link mind and body in doing work, 7. How to prepare for exams with out tension, 8. How to change to positive mind which leads to happy and successful life, 9. How to change your follower ship qualities to leadership qualities, 10. How to get into meditation quickly, 11. Different breathing methods (Pranayamas), 12.Yogasanas and many more.
Spoken English
How to speak english fluently in a easy manner. You can learn to speak english fluently in avery short period,
Kundalini yoga
We teach meditation, Different types of Breathing methods, Manthra Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Shat-Chakra-Dhyanam (How to open your root chakras and inner consciousness to connect with nature.) etc.,
Hatha yoga
We teach various Exersises, Yoga postures, breathing techniques, simple meditations etc., We
Drawing & Paintings
We teach Highest techniques in line arts, and paintings with simple methods which makes you a proffisional Artist. For students like Medical, Engineering, Technical, Multimedia, Graphical desigining, Embroydary , fabric painting and for pot designers.