Live Projects
Live projects for management professionals from Reputed and service motive Organization.

Our organization is the heart of the Ms Sree Bhagavathi Yoga Trust Registered No: 123/2008. Indian Government, Section 61. A well known organization in Vijayawada.s


            In this competitive , modern and challenging generation there is very less emphasis on Research and development stage and we hardly can see live projects. To reduce the gap between education and practical work  strength, we offer live projects at your door step. Now  no need to worry, No need to think that what we learn in the class is different from our practical job. Here are the feature of our live projects

* Real  practical exposure in HR, Marketing & Finance

* We guide you from preparation of questionnaire to completion of record work

*Daily work assignments and feed back sessions

* Free spoken English, meditation, Professional hand writing, and personality development classes

* Learning while doing

* Placement opportunity for meritorious and successful students


 Topics offered in Marketing

As you know that marketing depends upon human to human relations and emotions, marketing will be successful when it adopts Social way rather than commercial way, we teach you how to improve good relations between people, and how to control  our bad emotions. How to improve a business from down to up. We teach you how to do do real marketing and secrets followed by great personalities through out the world. We make you to approach in positive marketing.

Marketing mix, sales and promotion, customer satisfaction


About  HR Project

1.To become a real HR personality we should have patience, capability to read people mentality and good decision  making skills.

2. Counseling 

3. How to change your negative attitude & behavior, negative mind which leads to failure in all aspects of life,

4. How  to concentrate on studies,

5. How to fix  your aim and goal. Giving solutions from ancient methods  to increase will power, to reach  your aim and goal,

6. How to keep your mind free, relaxed and sharp,

7. How to link mind and body in doing work,

8. How to prepare for Interviews with out tension,

9. How to change to positive mind which leads to happy  and successful life,

10. How to change your follower ship qualities to leadership qualities,


Topics offered in HR

Recruitments and selection

Training and development




Do you have quest to take challenge in these type of programs?
Come. Let's join with us and utilize this opportunity.