Professional in teaching:

Good Handwriting for all. Started A good project "Good Handwriitng To All' and sucessfully completed training for more than 3,50,000 people in last five years.
Various Asanas, Meditations, Pranayamas, Aerobic exercises, Acupressure, Massage Therapy, Healing Therapy, Hand Writing Therapy, Drawing & Paintings, Counseling, and Motivation.

Me, Ponnuri Gopiikrishna, Founder - ( Sree Bhagavathi Yoga Trust ). Registered No : 123/2008. Sree Bhagavathi means ( The universal Power of both inner and outer Energy ).

My intention is to Research on today's human behavior, why People are suffering with lot of problems Mentally & Physically each and everywhere, especially living without Peace and why People are behaving Violently with lot of Selfishness. So, I am trying to find solutions from famous Service oriented People, Saints, Literatures, Religions, etc., From wherever I find good I would keep it in practice. As such - The study and spread of human culture in all aspects is my passion in life. I found Yoga & Meditation as the only solution. When anyone mentions India the first thought that comes to mind is Yoga and spiritual culture. Yoga is an Indian form of scientific set of physical and mental exercises, which is intended to give control over the body and mind. Yoga is an Indian system of philosophy, which also aims at the union of the self with themselves, perfected and passed on through the ages. With my years of practical experience and number of lectures delivered by me on this topic in number of occasions I had taken up the task of writing and teaching on all aspects of Yoga. In this endeavour both My passion of Human culture and dream of service to humanity are being.

Started Yogasanas from my Childhood from sixth standard onwards and Researched on more than 1,000 Hatha Yogasana Postures & 5,000 Types of Aerobic Exercises.
Now researching on Kundalini Yoga and Manthra Sasthra.

Dissemination of knowledge is more important than accumulation. So Through my pen and by Gods grace The scripts flowed from my heart:

1) Hatha Yoga-The Health With You. 2) Hand writing Therapy (English). 3) Hand writing Therapy. (Telugu). 4) Hand writing Therapy. (Hindi). 5) Spiritual Science Formula & Sree Guruparampara Chakra for successful and Peaceful life. 6) Graphology - The Analysis on Hand writing. 7) Acupressure Therapy - A gentle massage by fingers. 8) Kundalini Yoga. 9) The Healing Therapy. 10) Gods in our body. 11) Karma Yoga. 12) Ananda Yoga. 13) A Small Therapy (How to Free from Stress, Mental tension and how to reach Aim and Goal).14) Sree Sadh Guru Darsanam (How to Find our own Samardha Sadh Guru & Why are his blessings important to every one). 15) Miracles of Sree Shiridi Sai Baba. 16) Manthrasasthra. 17) Sampoorna Geetardh. 18) Holy Bibel_Old Teatament. 19) Holy Bible_Nem Testament.. 20) The Nobel Qur'an.

Aims and goals

1) To establish more than 100 service centers around Andhra Pradesh.
2) To create self employment to more than 1,000 people.
3) To teach our classes for more than 10,00,000 people .